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23 abril 2016


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maria_antonia_de_jesus_tirado_02200 years ago that this nun of Jerez de la Fontera is waiting for the beatification. He deserves it. It should already be on the altars.

She meets the requirements demanded by the Church.

I detail below that says the Church which must contain a Saint.

What is Holiness? Is it the joy of doing the will of God?

It is being lead by the Holy Spirit, to thus fulfill the will of God living according to the Gospel.

«Holiness is a provision of the heart which makes us humble and small in the arms of God, and confident – even with our body – his paternal goodness» Sta. Teresita de Lesieux

Pope Benedicto XVI has explained that the Holiness «does not consist in extraordinary actions, but in joining Christ, to live his mysteries»

Holiness is not something reserved for some chosen souls; all, without exception, are called to holiness.

Holiness consists in living with conviction the reality of God’s love, despite the difficulties of the history and life itself. The Sermon on the mount is the only school to be holy.

Holiness consists, in addition, the life of concealment and humility: becoming immersed in the daily work of men, but in silence, without noise of chronic, without worldly echoes.

The sanctity of man is God’s work. It will never be enough to express gratitude to you for this work. When we worship the works of God, we venerate and worship above all the same, the Dios Santísimo. And among all the works of God, the largest is the sanctity of a creature: the sanctity of man.

Although the Holiness comes from God himself, at the same time, from the human point of view, communicates man’s man. In this way, we can also say Saints «breed» Saints.

A Saint is, in his life and in his death, translation of the Gospel for his country and his time. Christ does not hesitate to invite to his disciples in the tracking, perfectly.

What I know María Antonia, is through the publication on biography and writings of María Antonia Jesus Tirado written by father José Luis Repetto Betes.

The Russian novelist Fiodor Dostoievski was epileptic and six of the characters of his novels also. What is striking is what is called aura or episode that precedes the seizure. During this aura the author who suffered or enjoyed this evil, describe the pleasure that pervades him when he is possessed by the evil in a beautiful way, and does it especially in the novel, ‘The idiot’ as sick to Prince Mishkin. Ecstatic episodes are auras of generalized seizures and the novelist tells repeatedly, with great force and beauty, their own experiences: «for a few moments before the attack, experiment one such feeling of happiness impossible to imagine in a normal state and that other people have no idea. «I feel in complete harmony with myself and the world, and this feeling is so strong and so delicious that for a few seconds of such blessing would give some happy ten years of my life if not the whole life». To date there are twelve cases scientifically documented in patients, who have this aura and all are due to a lesion in the right temporal lobe of the patient. They occur in religious people and they are not, but the most beautiful of all described them in a prolific way Santa Teresa de Jesús.

Santa Teresa de Jesús suffered or enjoyed some episodes similar to the Dostoevsky. She called them ‘arrobos’: «In short, not enough imagination, by very subtle be to paint or draw will be that light, nor anything of which the Lord gave me to understand with a delight so sovereign, that is you can say, because all your senses enjoy such a high degree and smoothness that this can not be expensive and thus it is better not to say more». Dr. García-Albea Ristol, author of a work on the ecstatic Teresa of Jesús epilepsy, designates the stereotyping of the episodes or their kinship with similar cases of apparent epileptic origin. Says that the Saint was ecstatic crisis or Dostoevsky’s possible origin in the right temporal lobe.

He had a patient I operated of a brain tumor that told me an episode that reminded me immediately of the epilepsy of the temporal lobe, ecstatic calls or Dostoevsky.

To know the life of María Antonia Jesus Tirado, it seemed that his life full of Holiness, compassion, charity, work and evangelization and at the same time a chronic, infectious and terrible that it pursued all his life caused a brain injury that could explain his paintings of heavenly visions and demonic, but always with an undercurrent of spirituality hard-to-label. He was demonic visions and celestial, but was able to write in latin, Greek, with little culture. And to top it of mystery was a phenomenon of Bilocation clearly testified.

His childhood was arid, his parents did not want her much, she wasn’t welcome she relates it:

The Lord who were poor would from my birth. Because my parents were OK. And in other baptisms of my brothers had been much function and a few very large expenses. But on my – ordered it the Lord – almost of charity gave me the water of baptism because thus the Godfather asked him to my parents: they took very badly, my father with the anger that I take with my godfather would not attend and a boy took me under the coat, and God gave me baptism.

Its religiosity is promoted by his grandmother and his aunt Sebastiana that attitude of contempt for the mother of the newborn girl, decides to take it with you, and educate it amid religious and pious, they want it, they pamper and educate in God.

At age five received first communion and the preparation for this Act is in charge of his pious aunt and grandmother.

However added childhood is happy with the guardianship of her grandmother and her aunt, and dominated by a background of Christian piety. But at age seven his parents claim to María Antonia and the Haro father tells us that the little girl was treated as a servant permanently. There was no love lost daughter was to take advantage of cheap labor. It is treated without sympathy and common repressions and resentment she never returned to relatives. The only freedom that allow is to accompany the grandmother to mass and other devotions, things that were demanded by the grandmother.

Between 9 and 10 years it suffers from a very serious illness which becomes it put in danger of death. His uncle placed on the patient who is comatose one certificate of Santa Domingo and she tells:

«And so that threw me the card covered my face and let me.» I stayed drunk and I seemed to see the Holy me Asia hand who told me: daughter stand up to these good and healthy; It takes my scapular I want you to be my daughter.» They say that the recovery was sudden»

After this gravity, at home his parents and siblings treat it with more care and love and María Antonia was greater freedom to play and interact and is aficiona to the dance and is master of this art a black neighbor of the girl. Likes poetry then used to express herself as mystique. Disease suffered by Antonia María is no doubt that it is cerebral, even induce her to coma, in which miraculously awakens, recalls the crisis which has Santa Teresa and they keep it also in a coma several days and upon waking has among other language, unmistakable sign of epilepsy bite injuries. This disease of Maria Antonia safe almost infectious and TB was endemic in these times in Jerez de la Frontera, it is possible that they were of this disease, as we will see later it was complicated to end her life. What if I can say that it was an infection that affected the brain. Fever pursued it throughout his life

In 1777 María Antonia is now 37 years old and suffers from a serious illness that mutilates it sharply. You have what is called Postema or apostema, and it’s an abscess or tumor that is open and oozing through a mouth and under the ribs on the right side. It’s an undoubtedly pleural abscess or tuberculous lung and possibly pleuro describing it as well the nun in a letter addressed to her confessor P Sanchez.

«After the Lord gave me another disease of a postema below the ribs on the right side that I swelled up to the arm, and in more than three months not I could sleep or rest awhile as so much fatigue and pain that was dying, with the very rapid breathing and a few sweats so large that I injured. I evicted three physicians. It was that I had no more than skin and bones, or could take a step because of the weakness. But most pressed me disease the Domingo de Ramos, since that day, and that night the beloved offered me a such strong fever and breathing so fast that I enter my brother and told me as the doctor had said that he had no remedy whatsoever and that dying ethics. I gave up to bed and on Holy Saturday there was medical board that me evicted. The second day of resurrection came my confessor to visit me and told me his mercy that I was continuously preparing because it looked like they were not many my days, who asked forgiveness of my many faults. I followed increasingly weaker and so many that to take the broth even couldn’t sit on the bed. Three days I was breathing so accelerated which caused me stress of death, waiting when I had just my banishment. I threw podre mouth non-stop, and was drowning me as all the postema is I had started and I had fallen to the chest. I could not take a breath. They were already going to bring me the Holy oil because that was to die. But my beloved Lord crucified, that most were in this exile by his righteous judgments would. My aunt and family watching me to agonize, drove me the neck the scapular of my father Santo Domingo. Large forward came a hit of cough and I threw the postema by mouth, with great admiration of the doctors, for being a big postema. No I can father weighed the fatigues that happens in the body. It so without force and with the right arm swollen, but free of the postema.

She informs P Sanchez in their correspondence that the treatment of this disease was long.

This seems clearly a tuberculous abscess invading lung, pleura and the subcutaneous tissue of the arm. And even today it is difficult to understand how we solucionaríamos this outbreak of illness without antibiotics, thoracic surgery and Diagnostics. And especially once it could expel pus from the abscess, as he survived. It is also logical to think that he was a chronic tuberculosis and that the episode that suffered at age 10 and introduced her in a coma, had anything to do.

Another episode of severe illness and as always interpreted with illuminated or artificial characters suffer them María Antonia between 1781 and last until 1783. I.e. two long years in which has trouble eating and difficulty in speaking.

This takes place 4 years later of that would suffer terrible side abscess. Their difficulties to communicate the has Wolf using a very low tone of voice and accompanied by gestures.

The dumbness starts on 6 January 1783 in a timely manner. It is not a total aphasia, i.e. it does not you talk at all, they have trouble issuing the word especially if they are not spiritual issues. So much so that a lady to ask to speak and María Antonia does not, because you can not do it, nailing him a stylet or sprat. Maria Antonia informs her confessor that he receives messages from God that fast and that nurture only bread and water and when you try to eat had such vomiting that left her exhausted and only tolerates some bread and water becomes thus lent and Easter day arrives and your confessor insists you eat and in doing so , says the nun who has such discomfort that seems going to burst, then made blood curdled by the mouth. But her confessor rather ignorant and misguided tells him to eat while you die and when sees that the thing will seriously call the doctor.

The March Friday morning María Antonia hears a voice that says you do not take more food than my sacrament body. This should be your food, your gift and your delight. This is a pulse of joy so great in his spirit and love of God, which embraced with a picture of anxiety at the same time that he felt inner peace.

Maria Antonia explained, that his attempt to eat remains of some huge and intolerable nausea by disgust and her confessor dispenses with these discomforts and forces her to eat.

When you call the doctor, this man, full of wisdom tells him that do not eat anything and only drink water fresh despite the stubbornness of his confessor who insists you eat. This episode lasts him two years and only one day a week I got to take some food.

A serious illness affects no doubt throughout your body and of course the brain and this conditioned his vision staff of their discomfort that given their religiosity and obedience, believed to be a divine mandate. Disease exist, is not an enlightened, is clearly sick, her interpretation is personal, as we all do when we are sick. Except that come a good doctor and put the necessary medicine if it exists. «You can’t eat because something bloody obstructs the digestive tract. It is not a matter of will, it is a disease».

From this disease María Antonia, already is always sick, fever, extreme thinness, the blackouts are the dominant note.

He suffers periods of stay in bed, because he cannot move. However, his love for evangelism does not stop managing the complicated bureaucracy that took with it the Foundation of a beautiful convent that exists in our days where is educated and is reporting the Gospel. This Convent is in Jerez de la Frontera and the Beguinage is called.

It cannot, but keeps silence of his pain is not complaining, pain is not complaining, just they need to purify themselves and shortly before his death, has a little known phenomenon and that some religious have also presented it. It is a phenomenon of BILOCATION. It is prostrate bed and his brother priest gives Communion in the College, to the surprise of those who contemplate the Act. The fact seems to be demonstrated and certified by several people that contemplated it among others his brother priest giving communion while prostrate in his house. Such phenomenon was not a hoax. He was in two parts at the same time as the quantum phenomenon of our time. A particle can be in different places at the same time.

Died on Holy Thursday 19 April 1810 to 1960s and new years.

A Holy woman has died, Sherry has clear evidence of this, and dismisses it with all your love and gratitude. Jerez de la Frontera cries it and still remember it, but not yet beatified as blessed and Holy that it is.

Any doctor in our times that read these writings would not take long to say it was crazy and insane important. Because these writings are a part of the life of the nun and are totally disqualified all away them.

As everything what is not well known, it is classified, and it does not prevent confusion.

The nun speaks excitedly and long roads to Christ and classifies them according to the guidance they give their confessors

Spiritual marriage.

The stigmatization.

Change of hearts.

The embrace of the Lord.

They are very hard to understand except that we think and rightly although only from the scientific point of view that this is a woman sick has a severe brain injury that makes you see things in a paranormal Although religious way.

It is scientifically proved today that the temporal lobe lesions produce hallucinations mystical but interspersed in the contexts of a religion.

Thus you are visions, hallucinations or psychic phenomena depend on the religious or non-religious formation of the sufferer. Christian background of these phenomena will Christ, the Muslim will take wing, and as well a range of representatives of religion as leaders of their visions.

The newspaper writes during the month of September 1779 surprise and anguish for his pleasure, pain, and forward all blended mixture that is no different from what he said other mystical as Santa Teresa which is a model in which pleasure is associated with pain. The presence of our deities associated with demonic manifestations and aggression of the demons to María Antonia is contrasted with the defense that María Antonia made attacking the demons that comes to dominate with his rosary or with your girdle.

They are pure description of a mind altered in which narrates his vision of your environment always or almost always in the midst of pain fever fading and a whole list of medical pathology phenomena. After a fight with the demons have stigmas in your body that are logically its infectious disease lesions.

I am impressed how should suffer María Antonia and how intimidated me the story of what he suffered at the same time that surprises me your happiness. She herself puts in doubt the veracity of these phenomena as Santa Teresa de Jesús. They know that there is something of God but which can also be a product of his vision.

However, all this is a scientific expression perhaps simple and perhaps another time that explains or expresses a fraction of the whole. María Antonia views are much more complex and incomprehensible.

We are very happy today because we have shown in an objective manner to the stimulation of certain areas of the brain provide Paranormal phenomena, however certain things that occur in the life of the nun have no explanation. When it is able to write in latin and Greek, a woman weak culture and the suspicion of its directors who do not believe it or at least put it in doubt, but who can deny his religion and goodness.

Perhaps some schizophrenic, but just sometimes manifests itself in ancient languages that they did not know.

Having four spiritual directors who all want to adapt and indeed succeed María Antonia will inevitably leads to confusion especially of a person who has to get closer to God by obedience as precept of life and get it above all.

The Beato Diego de Cadiz, admires Antonia María and believe it a creature full of God and she is confident to the point of affirming that the success of some of his preaching are due to the mercy of María Antonia. This said by someone in their category determines the sanctity of María Antonia

I repeat no doubt that these Paranormal phenomena are the result of a chronic, infectious, disease María Antonia suffered from a young age and that evolved as does tuberculosis among other infectious diseases. The disease did not give it a break, he martyred it severely injured it never could deviate from it. Repeated episodes confirm it. Your brain disease at age ten, Lung abscess, injury to the digestive tract, continuous fever, weight loss, fainting, thinness and across a wide and complex pathology incompatible with a pleasant life. Comfort only the search for God, obedience shows you a rigid way.

The life of delivery of María Antonia de Jesús tirado, Santa makes it. It is for us the believers a model of delivery responsibility and evangelization must not forget which partly rejected entry into a convent as they usually do many mystical. Santa Idelgarda, Santa Catalina de Siena, Saint Teresa of Jesus. Doctors of the Church that not consented that his line toward God was troubled by means which did not seem appropriate to him.

I intentionally do not describe their Holiness, their works of charity in a Sherry, during the Napoleonic invasion, which had the hunger, misery, disease, and María Antonia da whole and over evangelizes and founded a convent, as Santa teresa or Santa Idelgarda.

Maria Antonio de Jesús Tirado meets all the parameters required by the Church to sanctify. But she was not responsible for being sick and react as such. «You are judging it is as sick and not Santa».

Recently the Church canonizes a surprisingly quick and successful way to a series of Saints who had been in anonymity and even newly dead potatoes that a miracle is missing.

If Maria Antonia de Jesús tirado, the beatified and then canonized, have to take this title, at least to 4 Saints, doctors of the Church, showing the same picture

I ask those in charge of the beatification of Maria Antonia Jesus Tirado to be fair with it, it deserves to be on the altars. It is inexplicable that 200 years have passed without that it has beatified to this nun.

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