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31 mayo 2009

Anaerobic germs in the skin áre responsable of Spondilosys

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Enrique Rubio, Teresa Folgueroles and Maria S Lopez.
Barcelona Clinica DELFOS

According to a study of the Spanish Society of Pain (SED) from November 2005 to 80% of the Spanish population will suffer pain at least once in life.

Those who have medical practice seems acertadísima this conclusion and we are afraid that every time the pain and arthrosis injuries occur in younger patients (8.12) and with characteristics of pandemics and the means available to treat it are scarce and ineffective .

NSAIDs, analgesics and muscle relaxants are the only exception if the TNF inhibitors (7) that appear effective but not without severe consequences not only in highly inflammatory processes but also moderates such as chronic osteoarthritis ( 14).

Rehabilitation shows a discrete and efficient passenger and surgery is effective in the processes that occur with spinal cord compression or radicular located. Herniated disc and spinal canal stenosis.

The recent publication of Dr. Robaina (9) disputes about instrumented surgery and pain treatment for lumbar degenerative disease. Results of scientific evidence, said some statements that it was generally accepted by a high percentage of neurosurgeons and orthopedic and spine which include statements:

The literature on surgical vertebral fusion in the last 20 years according to Cochrane states:
1 – this is incomplete, unreliable and careless, 2 – the implementation seems to slightly increase the rate of melting, 3 – the instrumentation does not improve clinical outcomes in general, a lack of studies of subgroups of patients.

In examining the results of surgery of the spine, we must evaluate what is known in the business of the American stock market bubble of spine surgery

The sports industry further aggravates the problem of spondilosys by the efforts to put the artciculaciones.

This is a consequence of the lack of etiological knowledge of osteoarthritis, a chronic process, with an evolving and potentially infectious inflammatory component to the concept of a private body vascularization allowed as happened with gastric ulcer, requiring the passage of 200 years and the casual attitude of a doctor discovered the insistent Hlicobacter Pilori usually known as the mucosa of the dogs known from a century (6)

The anaerobic bacteria of the skin and more particularly P. Acne were in the complex culture of intervertebral discs removed during discectomy.

In our team we have found in 10 fragment of intervertebral disc, taken in patients with lumbociatia for herniated disc, anaerobic bacteria from the skin of which some are P. Acne.

While those from Elliot in 2002 that found on discs excised by microdiscectomy, have not been frequent publicaiones often on the same subject, it seems very likely, a germ that promote inflammation and death of chondrocytes and let segregate these collagens proteoglicaanos and was dehydrated and the disc loses its ability to cushion the intervertebral movement (12.).

You can not argue that osteoarthritis is an inflammatory process, and early onset of chronic posiblememnbte that this triggered by a germ, and that is so attractive that it is necessary to insist strongly on this road (

A significant percentage of cases it behaves as a chronic discitis, and with the disc, and disruption of the bone plates subcondral, Modic defect and vacuum phenomenon (4).

The marked increase in survival and pandemic spinal pain compels us to insist on simple and rapid means for early implementation of their extermination.

The confirmation of the infectious etiology would have a vaccine so effective as a germ.

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  1. The germs of the skin undoubtedly interfere in osteoarthritis.
    But there are more things.
    From the dinosaurs, all vertebrates progressively suffer from osteoarthritis in all joints.
    The composition of the cartilage, deficient in nutrition and in the limfaticos vessels that cleaned it of waste, facilitate the infection by anaeroobios of the skin and no longer remedies
    You need to look for more
    Thank you very much

    Comentario by Enrique Rubio — 18 febrero 2017 @ 15:54

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