30 Mayo 2009

Osteoarthritis and Yellow spinal ligament.

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-Since the advent of molecular biology, has produced a result I find most interesting. Osteoarthritis is a chronic inflammatory process. Experimental models, injuring joints or by setting out a process of inflammation, Injury, regeneration and finally inflamacio chroic, with all its features. Producing cells of cytokines, trophic factors and in general all elements of inflamatory body. And the reason, you think about this in general directly related to chronic ischemia, to say something which is subject to an intervertebral disc that has no blood and is nourished by imbibition. But striking is how little talk about the process that occurs but more slowly in the yellow ligament. The blood is plentiful in yellow ligament and also affects inflammation that ends in fibrosis and inflammatory elements are abundant. What are two diseases? Or one where it joins an etiology that affects the album and also the yellow ligament. It is logical that the same cause, which affects the disc and ligament, but its development is done differently. The most common cause of inflammation, is infection, although the germs we are finding those who deviate from traditional knowledge. Arrive, injuries and initiate inflammation and disappear or not we find them. In places such as near the intervertebral disc and the yellow ligament, is not difficult to imagine that the cause that is affecting it. Then this, I repeat, we must continue to seek an external agent. I would like to know the views of professionals who have the item on this scheme of mine, which I understand is not very rigorous, but it seeks to find the relationship: “A seed, a reaction, a repair and eventually destruct” - Borrador

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